19:30   Place Ste-Catherine - St-Katelijneplein
Kiwane (s, synth, voc), Jaja (keys voc), Putta (dr, voc), Sylviana (star latina)

Bal Tropical Thaïlandonigérian /  Satanique Philippin / BollyMambo / Tsapiky Luxor / Reggae Luk Thung / Indian Zoubida / Secousses Brésiliennes

« Bo Bun Fever’s mantra is the fusion of positive energies with tropical dances. Its members met on a full moon night, at the Kingdom of Party, in the shade of a plastic coconut tree. They then decided to change of life, wandering the world together and devoting themselves to their chakras’ expansion. And it seems to have suit them. Today, when they go on stage, they can play for hours, spreading warmth and affection to a won over audience. This last is like sent off to an enchanted cosmos, where all kinds of dance multiply, where boarders are abolished. They call it the Gift of Self. There, jubilation is collective. Their concerts are like a time  machine improved with confetti and multifruit juices. One promise : you leave the show with increased life points ! »