18:00   Place du Luxembourg - Luxemburgplein
DJ CUP OF JAZZ (Berlin, DE)#electro #swing #latin

Combining Electro sounds whith those from the eras of Swing and Latin Jazz, calling his style 'Jazzylectro' - Kickin' beats from HipHop to House and Drum'n'Bass, mixed with delicious jazzy vibes.

Cup of Jazz started djing in Berlin Bars and Clubs in 2005 – with a record by Fred Astaire. Maybe that's why Jazz became a major influence for him. In his first years he would have his dj-bag full of Count Basie, Benny Goodman and Cab Calloway records, spinning at Berlins Swing events, celebrating the Golden Era. Very soon he started to mix in beats of Bossa, HipHop, House & Drum'n'Bass, creating his very own Jazzylectro style. Now in his dj-sets Ray Charles meets Funky Breaks, Jazzstandards become House stompers and Duke Ellington gets electrified.

Cup of Jazz is resident-dj at Monkey Bar, one of Berlins current hotspots and was invited to play Jazzylectro sessions in various cities across Germany as well as in Venice, Zurich, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Miami and Rio de Janeiro. Actually a journalist at daytime, he regurlarly interviews celebrities, djs and producers of the music he's got in his record bag.