Brussels Jazz Orchestra as curator of the Grand Place
#news   2 March 2020
Brussels Jazz Orchestra as curator of the Grand Place
Only three more months to go before music lovers will gather in Brussels again for the 4th edition of Brussels Jazz Weekend. We’re already counting down, and of course, we’ve been keeping busy. That’s why we proudly present Brussels Jazz Orchestra as our curator for the Grand Place.

Two of Belgium’s most renowned newspapers have just declared how bigbands are more alive now than ever. Both of them mention BJO, an ensemble that definitely doesn’t stick to standards. They compose original music and create unique arrangements. The result: jazz with a dynamic orchestral sound.

You’ll find out yourself on Friday 29 & Saturday 30 May, when BJO will perform at the Grand Place themselves. But it doesn’t end there. The complete line-up, carefully curated by Brussels Jazz Orchestra, looks like this:

Matthias Van den Brande: Opus#1
Bert Joris trio & Kurt Van Herck
Brussels Jazz Orchestra - We Have a Dream (featuring Tutu Puoane)

Nathalie Loriers, Tineke Postma, Sam Gerstmans
Hendrik Lasure - Warm Bad
Tripod XL
Brussels Jazz Orchestra - We Orchestrate Words (featuring Zediam, Mo & Grazz)

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