Volunteers wanted!

In order to support the organization of the festival, we are looking for fun and motivated colleagues. Do you feel called to make your mark and participate in the biggest free urban jazz festival in the world? Fill in your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

What are we proposing?

You gain practical experience in the festival sector. Do you know how to distinguish yourself? Then there is a chance that you become a permanent collaborator within our organization. We offer a hot meal a day in "The Village", where you can rest after work and chat with your colleagues, while enjoying free drinks and music. In addition, you will receive a nice crew t-shirt. After the festival we organize an evening to thank all our collaborators.

You earn 29 euros per day and you are of course insured for personal damages as well as those caused to third parties, both during the festival and on the way to and from the festival.

Man      Woman
I master the following languages
NL      FR      EN
I want to perform the following tasks
During the festival:
You welcome colleagues, volunteers, employees, artists in the backstage and ensure that they do not fall short. You give them info and distribute t-shirts, meal vouchers, collaborator bracelets, ...
During the festival:
Under the guidance of our chefs, you help prepare the crew meals and take care of the service in our staff restaurant. You keep our greenroom clean and tidy.
During the festival:
You're taking post on critical passages to open or close accesses. You position yourself in the audience and if you see any incidents, you call the security agents. You keep the parking spaces available for our artists.
Before and during the festival:
You are responsible for the distribution of our promo materials. You distribute leaflets to visitors and passers-by before and during the festival. You will hand our info letters to local residents.
During the festival:
You are responsible for the sale of our merchandise on various squares.
During the festival:
You keep the festival site and backstage clean.
During the construction and dismantling of the festival:
You are handy and like to roll up your sleeves. You build our festival-site with us: placing fences, decoration of the festival site, building stands, putting up lighting, mounting promo materials, ...
I am available on the following days (full days)
saturday 18 may 2019
zondag 19 may 2019
monday 20 may 2019
tuesday 21 may 2019
wednesday 22 may 2019
thursday 23 may 2019
friday 24 may 2019
saturday 25 may 2019
zondag 26 may 2019
monday 27 may 2019
I have size
S      M      L      XL
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