29 may, 20:30 - Grand Place

Antoine Pierre URBEX #jazz #urban #milesdavis

Antoine Pierre (drums), Jean-Paul Estiévenart (trumpet), Bram de Looze (piano), Teis Semey (guitar), Félix Zurstrassen (bass), Fred Malempré (percussions)

Led by drummer Antoine Pierre, a key figure on the Belgian jazz scene, URBEX - an acronym for 'Urban Exploration' - has already played more than 60 concerts and recorded three albums since its inception in 2015. The latest, 'Suspended', is an original repertoire written as a tribute to the 'electric period' of Miles Davis, and in particular to the album 'Bitches Brew', which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020. Antoine Pierre was inspired by the energy and vibe of this iconic recording to compose the tracks of his latest opus. The result is groovy and sparkling. It is a burst of sound and energy. Sometimes a trance, sometimes a flight to a breathtaking climax.