29 may, 13:30 - Quai de Biestebroeck 90B, 1070 Anderlecht

BRUiTAL #percussion #punk #dance #bigband

A brutal bunch of underground noise makers! Acoustic trance percussion and mobile totems made of lo-fi speakers generate a whole new soundscape. Is your neighbourhood ready to welcome this universe of sound vibrating with pure punk energy?

Drenched in black, fuelled by despair, in search of revolution… Meet BRUiTAL. 4 percussionists and 4 lo-fi electro-totem bearers. Balancing between power and vulnerability, resistance and surrender, order and chaos. Their energies clash, grind, melt and combine to create one sonic tour de force. For an XL-sized performance, call in BRUiTAL feat. DROM.