Sunday 30 May - 16:00
Ambassador: Isabelle Decraene
Municipality: Ganshoren
Tango De La Luna Roja
When Isabelle Decraene launched an appeal for a voice performer to read out the poems written by her brother Phillipe to be accompanied by herself on violin and Gerardo Agnese on bandoneon, Brussels based poet Jan Ducheyne responded without hesitation. And luckily so. Already during the first try-out, it became clear that this trio achieves a unique symbiosis. The poetry intertwines perfectly with the music, resulting in an intense, beautiful and memorable experience for the trio itself and the audience present.
Centre Culturel de Ganshoren La Villa
Place Guido Gezelle 26, 1083 Ganshoren
Ganshoren, widely appreciated for the tranquillity of its green surroundings is a residential municipality in between the bustling city and nature. The Heydeken farmhouse-cabaret, frequented in its time by landscape painters, has been taken down but the village atmosphere that once was inherent to this farmhouse, has remained intact. On the Guido Gezelleplein, the cultural centre La Villa acts as a place where creative participation and animation can bloom. Around its values the CC brings together local communities, associations and meaningful projects. What better place for a jazz concert during the Balcony Edition?