Saturday 29 May - 17:00
Ambassador: Michel Vrydag
Municipality: Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
Michel Vrydag - Mapping Roots
“Play me some typical music from your country.” Bass player Michel Vrydag was asked this question on many occasions during travel, tours and collaborations with international musicians. In an attempt to answer, he ended up playing compositions from his own repertoire. This was the starting point of Mapping Roots: music fuelled by a lot of improvisation and influences from various musical traditions. Mainly jazz but also folk traditions from several continents, rock and even some electronic music sounds are the main ingredients of this collection of compositions. On the balcony, Michel Vrydag is accompanied by piano player Bram Weijters and drummer Daniel Jonkers.
Administration de Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
Avenue Charles Thielemans 93, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
In days gone by, Sint-Pieters-Woluwe / Woluwe-Saint-Pierre was known for its air shows and legendary horse races that drew thousands of people to town. The cafés and hotels were filled with jockeys and gamblers while brass bands marched the streets and funfairs were bustling with laughter. These days, it's much quieter in Woluwe. Nevertheless, the many parks, a great mix of nationalities, the markets and squares, etc., still make it an exciting place to discover.