Saturday 29 May - 13:00
Ambassador: Laurent Blondiau
Municipality: Forest
Mâäk Quintet
Mâäk Quintet was founded in the mid-90s as a rather classical jazz quartet around trumpeter Laurent Blondiau. Since then, it has gradually grown into a versatile avant-gardist jazz collective with international ties. The vitality, dynamics and musical freedom of Mâäk Quintet will keep you on your toes. Last year they experimented with brand new sonorous, rhythmic and harmonic elements at Bel Jazz Fest, Citadelic Zomer and Jazz Middelheim. This year, they will build on this by clashing their sound with punk-jazz ensemble Skordatura releasing their latest song "Sémille Someille" at the end of May and surprising fans and passers-by at the Balcony Edition of Brussels Jazz Weekend and the Fête de la Musique dans les Marolles.
Avenue du Pont de Luttre 134-140, 1190 Forest
For years, the municipality of Vorst / Forest has been organising and supporting small-scale, neighbourhood-oriented cultural projects in surprising and unexplored places within its surroundings. The collaboration with the new formula of the Brussels Jazz Weekend, Balcony Edition, on the premises of Divercity is therefore apparent.