Welcome to the La La Walhalla of the BRU JAZZ WE. Shakin', groovin', bobbin' & jivin' till the early birds start to whistle! La Tentation seduces you and never sleeps. Live bands make you dance and pickups keep on jazzin'. The vinyl spins until the ballroom turns into BXL's most brittle and sultry jazz hotspot. Last weekend the jazzcat saved my 9 lives. Hip hop with your legs and dance, dance, dance. Be my dancin' date...

Friday at La Tentation

20:00 Doors
20:15 Initiation lindy hop
21:00 Swingalicious Big Band part 1
22:00 DJ Swing
22:30 Swingalicious Big Band part 2
23:30 DJ Swing
00:00 Swingalicious Big Band part 3
01:00 DJ
02:00 End

Saturday at La Tentation

20:00 Doors
21:00 Dance initiation, Crazy Legs Joris & Foxy Eva
22:00 The Fabulous Moonrakers part 1
23:00 Dance initiation, Crazy Legs Joris & Foxy Eva
23:30 The Fabulous Moonrakers part 2
00:30 DJ At's Crazy Record Hop
02:00 End
Ongoing barbershop, Shoeshiners, DJ The Shoeshine Shakers & MC Frantic Franky