24 may, 21:30Place de la Chapelle

JTOTHEC#power #funk #dj

Jonas Casier, Peter Lesage, DJ SNS, Jeffrey Jefferson

JTOTHEC started to make songs in his own home studio and we’re so glad he did. Jonas Casier’s creative mind has only led to funky tracks that make your legs move. His sound is amazingly catchy, without getting stuck in structures that are too evident or poppy. On the contrary, you’ll notice JTOTHEC makes bold choices and influences from all over the place seep through in his songs that never fail to get you going. JTOTHEC is breezy, cheerful, funky and a Belgian delight.

As if all that isn't cool enough already, live he is accompanied by dj SNS from Brihang and Jeffrey Jefferson and Peter Lesage who are both members of Ertebrekers.