25 may, 20:00Place de la Chapelle
© Bieke Depoortere, Magnum Photos

MDC III#jazz #electronic #newwave

Mattias De Craene: compositions, reeds, Simon Segers: drums, percussion, Lennert Jacobs: drums, percussion

For his project MDCIII, reed player Mattias De Craene (Nordmann) invited two drummers that have been active in the worlds of jazz, pop, free improvisation and experimental music.

They are the ideal foil for De Craene’s vision, which seems to exclude no opposites. While the use of a recorder, electronics and percussion steers the music beyond the classic acoustic limitations, the result becomes strikingly rich with contrasts.

What is abstract and introspective the first moment can switch to moments of fierce ecstasy the next. Shifting moods and textures are combined with intricate rhythmical patterns, as the drummers lock together in dense, complex and/or ritualistic grooves.

The result is many things at once, but despite these wildly varying colors, sounds, textures, rhythms and moods, they are all linked, part of a generous, iridescent whole.