Brussels by Bike

Do you want to discover Brussels on your bike during the Brussels Jazz Weekend?
No problem. Via these links for saturday (map , gps or route you) or these links for sunday (map, gps or route you) you can complete the cycling tour yourself.
And to make it even more fun, you will receive more information about the sights via this link for saturday or this link for sunday.

Be careful and enjoy!

Route saturday: Woluwe-Saint-Pierre - Etterbeek - Brussels Eglise de la Chapelle

Discover Brussels by bike and a guide during the Brussels Jazz Weekend between the stages in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Etterbeek and Brussels-City. Cycle from Woluwe-Saint-Pierre to Brussels-city and experience the transition from the quiet green outskirts to the working-class district of the Marolles in the heart of the city. The route takes you along the green-blue network and the valleys of the Woluwe and the Maelbeek past architectural gems and the jazz concerts on Place Van Meyel. Along the way you will discover a piece of the rich history of our capital and the typical Brussels diversity of neighbourhoods.

Route sunday: Anderlecht - Brussels-City - Evere

The guide will take you through the Senne valley between Anderlecht and Evere. Several times we leave the valley and move into the neighborhoods around the canal zone. The cycle route introduces you to the different neighborhoods and the transformation that the canal zone is going through today. How this former industrial production center is turning into a dynamic cultural hotspot of the city and opportunities are being seized to transform old industrial sites into public meeting places. Work in progress...